Every now and then things are happening at WRFR!  Check back regularly to see what's new, what's old and what we hope to do!


Trees In The City

A discussion about trees in the city will take place on the Rockland Metro show from 5 to 6 pm on Wednesday, April 19, live on WRFR at 93.3 fm in Rockland and 99.3 fm in Camden. Terry Pinto, Keith Heal, and Mike Grondin have been invited to join the conversation.

Following the show the conversation will continue at a dinner symposium hosted by The Old School, parent organization of WRFR. The dinner is free and open to the public. To reserve a seat at the table, contact Robert Lichtman: sugarhollowglass@earthlink.net


Happy Birthday!

WRFR celebrates 15 years on the air!  Keep checking back for news about how we are celebrating! (We will be waiting for more stable weather in the spring, summer and fall!)


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Get Your T-Shirt!!!

We have a variety of T-shirts available, and more are on the way this spring! Go to our t-shirt page for more details!